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Émouvant courrier d'un musicien italien retrouvant influencé par Guillermo de La Roca (9 avril 2014)

couvguillermo.jpgDear Guilaine,

I am an Italian musician living in Spain. This is my blog on music:

I have published some posts on Guillermo de la Roca, like this one:

Recently, in the blog we were talking about the possibility to contact with him:

As you can see, no information at all.

I had asked about him in other blogs and forums, but no success.

Now I have found your blog:

I don't speak French, but as far as I understand he has just published a book.

I have begun playing and studying quena in the last six years. His music has strongly influenced my decisions and musical choices. I wonder if you can put me in contact with him, or just give me some more information in this sense.

Thanks in advance ... 

                      Emiliano Bruner, le 9 avril 2014



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